‘Cybersquatting’ law could be tested in RR Auction Court Case

RR Auction has filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire charging a former bidder and consigner with abusive litigation practices, interference with contractual relationships, misappropriation of RR Auction’s marks and trade name, business defamation, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, false light invasion of privacy, and cybersquatting. Despite this solid reputation and track record, for the past three years, RR Auction has been defending itself in California state court against claims made by one dissatisfied customer — the only such customer suit, related to RR’s guarantee, in the history Read More

U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and secretary of state James Madison Signed Document

RR Auction Item – Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Signed Document A piece of history like no other! This specific piece is a semi-printed vellum DS, and signed by current U.S. President Thomas Jefferson and secretary of state, James Madison. On the date of February 15th, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson grants a portion of land in the Northwest Territory to the widow of a Canadian, Martha Walker. After Americas new government was in place, Congress fulfilled their promise to Canadians by granting them land for their support and help in the Revolution. Martha Walker and her then husband stayed loyal to the Read More

Signed Letter from Rudolph Steiner

RR Auction Item – Austrian author, philosopher and scholar Rudolph Steiner Signature Up for auction is a signed letter from pioneering Austrian author, philosopher and scholar Rudolph Steiner. Steiner is best known for his role as the father of several disciplines, including anthroposophy, biodynamic agriculture and eurhythmy. Steiner is also notable for creating the Waldorf approach to education – a holistic style of learning that emphasizes using one’s imagination to grasp concepts. The letter, written in German and addressed to colleague Maximilian Harden, contains edits to an article written on the Weimer Neitzsche Archive by Ernst Horneffer. The 5.5 x 8.75 Read More

John Hancock Handwritten commission w/ Signature as President of Continental Congress

RR Auction Item –  President of Continental Congress John Hancock handwritten commission A truly rare piece of history from the Revolutionary War, a handwritten commission with a signature from the President of Continental Congress, John Hancock, dated back from January 1, 1777. This one page, 13 x 8.25, commission for Reverend Hezekiah Smith who preached and counseled soldiers in many battles during the American Revolution such as Bunker Hill and was present to witness Burgoyne’s surrender. John Hancock’s well preserved signature can be found at the conclusion and includes a note inviting Smith to dine with George Washington accompanied with research Read More

Civil War-Dated ALS LOT – U. S. Grant & Alexander W. Randall – Pre-Certified PSA/DNA

RR Auctions Item –  War Dated Signed . S. Grant, Lt. Gen. Letter This one-of-a kind, war-dated ALS signed “U. S. Grant, Lt. Gen.,” is now on auction for sale to the highest bidder.  A historical gem, this letter was sent to Postmaster General William Dennison to acknowledge and reward Col. A. H. Markland for his satisfactory service as special agent for the Post Office during the Civil War. Written on official Head Quarters Armies of the United States letterhead and dated May 9, 1865. Despite being over 150 years old, this document is in great condition with beautifully restored edge Read More

Manuscript Vellum document signed by “B. Franklin”

RR Auctions Item – Manuscript Vellum document signed by Benjamin Franklin Up for auction is the Manuscript Vellum document signed by Benjamin Franklin or “B. Franklin” as it is written. It is a one page document, 15.25 x 13.25, which was signed on June 19, 1787. The document states that Franklin, President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, gives William Goodwin a specific piece of land called ‘Fancy’, located in Mount Bethel. You can find Franklin’s signature on the left column located under the large, white seal. At the bottom of the document, you’ll find that James Trimble has countersigned Read More

Niels Bohr Letter to H. H. Nielsen

RR  Auction Item – Bohr’s invitation to a “Conference on problems of quantum physics in Copenhagen” TLS, one onionskin page, 7.75 x 10, Institute of Theoretical Physics letterhead, December 7, 1950. Letter to H. H. Nielsen, professor of physics at Ohio State University. In part: “In the days 6–10 July it is planned under the joint auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and under the sponsorship of Unesco to arrange a Conference on problems of quantum physics in Copenhagen…we especially want to extend a cordial invitation to the old friends and collaborators of the Institute. During the Read More

Alexander Herzen and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Signed Agreement

RR Auctions Item –  Herzen and Proudhon Strike a Deal This rare historical document is an eight article agreement set between political thinkers Alexander Herzen and  in the aims of a newspaper publication. Alexander Herzen played an integral role in 19th Century Russian politics, and is considered by many to be the “Father of Socialism”. His populist writings helped usher in a political climate that allowed for the emancipation of the serfs. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was a French politician, the founder of mutualist philosophy, and the first person to call themselves an anarchist. This eight article agreement, written in French, outlines Read More

Albert Einstein Signed Letter to “My Beloved Ones!”

RR Auctions Item – Albert Einstein Signed Letter to “My Beloved Ones!” Albert Einstein ALS in German, signed “Albert,” one page, 7.25 x 10.5, no date but notated August 1935. Letter addressed to “My Beloved Ones!” This is an extremely desirable, lengthy letter that was written by a renowned genius. Albert Einstein was born in 1879 and lived with his family in Munich until moving to Italy in 1894, the letter to his cousins recalls his days growing together in Munich prior to addressing the death of one of their relatives. Einstein also mentions in his letter the other most Read More

1862 Signed Letter from General U.S. Grant to Major General James McPherson

RR Auction Item – U. S. Grant Letter to Major General James McPherson During the Vicksburg Campaign In a letter from U. S. Grant to Major General James McPherson as the Vicksburg Campaign began, he describes battle details, tactical war strategies/predictions and future plans to take on the Confederate Army. Grant was on his way to take over Vicksburg, a key fortress on the Mississippi River, planning a two pronged attack with McClernand, Sherman, Hurlbut and McPherson. The attack was planned for the day after this letter was written. The attack failed however, as Sherman’s forces attacked from the Chickasaw Bayou Read More