How much does the president of the United States get paid?

How much does the president of the United States get paid? That’s a pretty common question, and one that the country’s founders addressed up front—Article II of the Constitution dictates that the president receives a salary, and that it cannot be changed during his term. Since 2001, the president has earned a $400,000 annual salary plus expense accounts and myriad perks that come with the office. As far as purchasing power goes, today’s presidents actually make far less than their forerunners. But how the president gets paid? I had not thought about that until a group of presidential paychecks arrived on my Read More

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Be Sold at Auction

A letter from Vice President Thomas Jefferson to Richard Richardson surrounding a botched land deal is up for Auction at a live event from Boston-based RR Auction. The letter discusses payment that would serve as remuneration for the use of seven slaves. At the time of the letter, Jan. 8, 1801, Richardson was the the overseer of the Monticello estate. Jefferson had rented out a plot of the land to John G. Craven, under the condition that upon his arrival, a house would be ready along with several acres of farm land. Upon Craven’s arrival on December 31st, the house Read More

Young JFK Pictures to be Sold At Auction

A rare set of 5 pictures of a Young JFK are up for auction. The images date back to the mid-30s placing JFK between the ages of 14 and 18. The images from this rare album show : John messing around with his school buddies, an image of him graduating from Choate Prep School, John, his father and Cousin on a boat, John and Rip Horton a drama club friend and John atop the roof of his family’s Florida home.  2 of the 5 Kennedy images have never been seen and come from the families private collection. “You don’t get Read More

Recent Item: Janis Joplin Signed Photograph

Recently sold is a vintage glossy 8 x 10 Grossman Glotzer Management publicity photo of Janis Joplin.  The image shows Janis wearing a loose fitting shirt with her shoulders shrugged and a smile on her face, is signed in the lower right of the image in black ballpoint. The image was taken in Joplin’s hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, on August 28, 1969, just two weeks after Woodstock. The publicity photo is accompanied by a full letter of authenticity from PSA/DNA and was sold for $18,779.25  at the RR Auction house in Boston Massachusetts.

Rare White House Item Up for Auction

In Mike Meister’s attic lies a case, with in that case sits an artifact so rare that historians didn’t even know it existed. Meister is the great-grandnephew of Joseph Williamson Jr. who on Oct. 15, 1902 pulled a large piece of wood from a scrap pile that sat just outside the White House.  In 1902, the White house was under heavy renovations by order of Theodore Roosevelt. This was the first major renovation to the White House since it 2was rebuilt after it was set on fire during the war of 1812.Roosevelt had instructed the architecture firm to be quick in Read More

Recently Sold: Jimi Hendrix Experience Signed Album

This is surely the most attractive Experience album we’ve ever offered. The artwork on the cover is still vibrant  as is the Jimi Hendrix signature. Signed using a black felt tip inscriptions read : “Love always and forever to Claire, Jimi Hendrix,” “To Claire, Stay Beautiful as Ever! Mitch, xxx,” and “To Claire, Best wishes, Noel Redding, xxxx.”. The signed album comes complete with record inside. This rare item crossed the RR Auction block at an impressive $30,711.98 .

Sold at Auction: Elvis Presley Personally-Owned Shotgun

Recently sold at auction, a Flite King Riot Model K-10 12 ga. pump action shotgun personally-owned by Elvis Presley. This custom 20” fine bore shotgun features a pistol grip, front bead sight and is customized with Elvis’ initials and lightning bolts on both sides of the receiver. The shotgun is especially valuable as it is adorned with his TCB (Taking Care of Business) monogram and lightening bolts down both sides of the stock.  The monogram is the same as the one used on his jewelry and his touring plane. Elvis was known to be an avid gun collector up until Read More

Ringo Start “Help” Jacket in Sells for $46K

Bidding on a double breasted black wool suite jacket worn by Ringo Starr finished at $46,000. The Jacket was part of the RR Auction: Marvels of Modern Music auction that closed Thursday.  RR Auction Executive VP Bobby Livingston had speculated that the jacket might sell anywhere from $40,000 – $50,000, and was right on the money.  The jacket was one of many items that sold including: Hamer guitar custom-made in Connecticut for Johnny Ramone (almost $50,000) A signed Jimi Hendrix Experience album cover (almost $31,000) A signed Janis Joplin photograph (almost $ 19,000) A contract signed by Jim Morrison to Read More

Space Memorabilia Collection Auctioned for $678,983

RR Auction Items: Leon Fords space memorabilia items sell for $678,983 Leon Ford, who passed away in 2014, had amassed a massive collection of space memorabilia. In total, 93 items sold at auction for an astounding $678,983. Items ranged from small oddities on famous NASA missions to astronaut  autographs and spaceship parts. Some large items of note are : a backpack strap Charles Conrad wore on the lunar surface during his Apollo 12 moonwalks ($62,500), a signed personal preference kit belonging to one Buzz Aldrin ($50,000), and Al Worden’s Apollo 15 flown flag patch ($27,500). To see more of the items sold Read More

RR Auction Sues Michael Johnson for Defamation, 14 Other Counts

On June 2nd, RR Auction sued Michael Johnson alleging 15 counts, including business defamation, abusive litigation practices, false light invasion of privacy, interference with contractual relationships, misappropriation of RR Auction’s marks and trade name, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and cybersquatting. Johnson previously attempted to file a class-action lawsuit against RR Auction but was denied when no one else filed with him. After failing to obtain a class-action status, Johnson continued the lawsuit on his own. To learn more about this case please visit