Apollo 15 Lunar Surface – Used Drill Chuck sold for $49,000


According to RR Auction, a drill chuck that has been used on the moon’s surface during Commander Dave Scott’s mission with the Apollo 15 was sold for no less than $49,000.

Out of all the stages of the mission the drill was indispensible during two experiments. The Apollo lunar surface drill was used during the deep drill core and the heat flow experiment. Both of these stages obviously required a perfectly functional drill chuck in order to be successful.

Along with the drill chuck the Boston – based auction house also provided the highest bidder with a letter written by David Scott himself. In the letter, he explains that “The scientific objective of the deep core drill was to obtain a 10-foot core of lunar materials for analysis of thermal properties and stratigraphic composition of the upper surface of the Moon.” He then later adds that “The drill was used to insert a deep core tube into the surface near the probes of the Heat Flow Experiment, to collect lunar material from the surface down to a depth of ten feet.”

These experiments concluded that the moon is much more radioactive than it was initially assumed in the science world. These discoveries have come as a breakthrough and had an immense impact as the core sample was revealed to have had 58 individual layers.

According to Robert Livingston, RR Auction’s executive Vice President, the drill chuck „was an essential artifact related to some of the most substantial and important lunar surface findings of the Apollo program”.

The lot sale also included other remarkable items, such as:

David Scott’s lunar map which was also sold for $49,000 and a photography chart that was also used by David Scott during the Apollo 15 mission which was sold for over $23,000.

Apart from these items, RR Auction also sold a Mickey Mouse production cel and production background from Fantasia that went for $54,878. This was, in fact, the most valuable item of the entire lot sale.

The auction which started on November 17 concluded on December 7 and it was entitled „Autographs, Artifacts and Animation”. Further details can be found on the auction house’s website or on their Twitter and Facebook page.


Princess Diana signed letter


Just a few months after her divorce with Prince Charles was final, Princess Diana expressed her wish to see the end of 1996 in a thank you letter sent to Spinal Research charity worker Simon Barnes. It seems that the two developed a close friendship while working with the International Spinal Research Trust. This exact letter was sold at RR Auction at a value of just under $2,000.00

The letter written on Kensington Palace stationery reads “I was enormously touched to receive your lovely present—I have not read ‘The Celestial Prophecy’ & I’m relying on you to alert me to these great books! Thank you so much for thinking of me at Christmas time—After all the changes that have taken place this year it’s marvelous of you to be so thoughtful. I hope 1997 will be a happy year for you—personally I can’t wait to get out of this one! Lots of love, Simon, & a huge heartfelt thank you for my book.”

The letter was auctioned off alongside a handwritten Christmas note from the Queen to her grandson, Prince William that Mirror mentioned in an article earlier this week, sold for close to $3,000. The auction also featured a photograph of Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret which sold for over $1,200 and other rare collectibles related to the royal family.

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Charlotte Bronte Signed Letter

Up for auction, a two page Charlotte Bronte signed letter (signed “C. Bronte”) to David Waldie, January 19, 1853, accompanied by a photocopy of the original envelope. The letter was written while staying at the Gloucester Terrace, London at the home of her publisher George Smith. The letter reads in full: “I have received your kind letter, and beg to thank you for it, as well as for the little books you mention, which have not yet reached me, but are no doubt awaiting me at home. The sincere appreciation of a reader’s gratification is—I scarcely need say—one of the most acceptable forms in which an author can be repaid for his labour. I shall be glad if any future work of mine gives you equal pleasure to that you speak of having found in ‘Jane Eyre.’”

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Robert Frost Walking Stick

Available at auction this week is a 39′ long, personally-used and -owned Robert Frost knotty wooden walking stick.  The wooden walking stick is carved on one side with frosts name “R. Frost” and on the other side with the line “Miles to go before I sleep” from his famous poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.’

The stick is in fine condition and is accompanied by a letter of provenance , in part: “This walking stick was acquired by me from Robert Graham Chase’s Estate. Mr. Chase, was a personal friend of Robert Frost when he lived in Franconia and Vermont. According to him, Frost owned and used this walking stick when he lived in Vermont while at Dartmouth College.”

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Charles Dickens Signed Letter

A one page autographed signed letter by Charles Dickens (signed “Wilmot”) December 5, 1863 to Peter Cunningham reenacting a play they had performed together in 1851. “I am delighted to get the hearty letter of my old Will’s-Coffee-House friend, Le Trimmer; and again the shade of poor dead Middlesex crosses me, saying, ‘Here’s Peter, won’t come on, you know!’—then in a ghostly manner, raps gold snuff-box, and fades into the other world…God bless us all this coming Christmas, and give us Christmas thoughts!”

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